Dachshund puppy is born with unique black and white spotted body like a cow

A heart-melting dachshund puppy with a unique black and white spotted body has been named Moo thanks to his half dog, half cow appearance.

The seven-month-old has piebald fur, which results in unpigmented white spots of fur appearing on his natural coat.

Moo’s piebald fur covers almost his entire body but has left his head untouched, with his owner saying the mismatched combination often confuses people who mistakenly think he is wearing pyjamas or a coat.

Victoria Hoffman, from Miami, said: “He is a unique piebald because he has heavy ticking, black spots on his white coat, and he also has a pure black and tan head.

“It looks like his body doesn’t match his head. Lots of people think he is wearing a coat or pajamas at first, and they’re surprised to find that it’s actually just his natural coat.”

Moo’s mix of dachshund and dalmatian-like appearance attracts plenty of attention both in everyday life and on social media, along with his funny personality.

Victoria, 24, says she often gets stopped by strangers when she takes little Moo out for a walk, with many asking questions or taking pictures with her “little star”.

The skincare beauty worker said he has a special personality to match his unique coat, having plenty of attitude as well as being cuddly and sweet.

“He loves to hoard his toys in one spot, watermelon and almonds are his favorite treats, and he loves to take naps on his back under his bed,” she added.

“I never get bored or lonely having Moo around.”

She said Moo had been a light in dark times for many people during the Coronavirus crisis, but none more so than for her and and her boyfriend who had always wanted a sausage dog.

The pandemic gave them a chance to get a pet when they may not have been able to otherwise as it gave them time to be at home with him while he’s a puppy.

“It’s true that blessings and joy can still come out of hard times,” Victoria said. “Moo has been just that.”