Inside ‘haunted’ Victorian asylum frozen in time where people still hear screams

Chilling photos of a former asylum where people have reported hearing screaming and footsteps have emerged.

The North Wales Hospital site in Denbigh has attracted a number of ghost hunters over the years, even appearing on the TV show Most Haunted, and many people are convinced it has ghostly secrets.

The building was built in 1848 for people with psychiatric illnesses, and was home to 1,500 patients and 1,000 staff before closing its doors for good in 1995.

There have been many spooky sightings over the years, with people reporting hearing screaming, laughter, footsteps and loud bangs.

But warnings about the property have since escalated with fears that the Grade II-listed building is in a state of near collapse after being subject to a number of arson attacks and vandalism.

It is currently undergoing a £75m renovation scheme by developer Jones Bros, which has plans to transform the site into a housing complex with shops, a gym and restaurants.

But the work has come to a standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2008, investigators from TV show Most Haunted visited the abandoned site to take a look for themselves.

After the visit they labelled the town the “Village of the Damned” and claimed the place is “cursed by witches.”

It conjured up complaints from town councillors and a mental health charity who condemned the investigators from trying to contact spirits from makeshift padded cells – even though padded cells were never used at the hospital.

The seven-night run ended with an exorcism and a controlled burning inside church grounds.

A spokesperson for developers Jones Bros said: “The North Wales Hospital site has been subject to a catalogue of arson attacks and vandalism over many years which have made it an extremely dangerous place.

“The hospital is an important and historic part of Denbigh’s heritage and our aim is to create a landmark development there to reflect that but for the moment the security fencing and patrols put in place are there to safeguard this fragile property and those reckless enough to trespass on it.

“This is totally irresponsible and we urge people to just stay away rather than put themselves and others in danger.”