Mindfulness: There’s No Particular Time for Love

Life is uncertain and we realise it only after a lot happens. We try to control our surroundings but that’s not easy at all. While doing all this, life becomes mechanical and it depends more on condition than emotion.

Mindfulness received a letter from Udaipur, in which a family mentioned about a dear one suffering from a complex disease. They say, ‘How long can we keep you?’

We forget that we must give love to a blossoming flower today, else it is possible that wind may take them away from us very soon. We should be near to them as much as possible. Postponing love is like postponing life.

Damyanti Dhariwal writes, “As soon as we came to know that our brother is seriously ill, gradually whole family became closer to each other. Why do we postpone love until a crisis appears? We make excuses like not today, on coming Diwali, Eid or Christmas, will see later, etc. We deprive ourselves the opportunities of love and company of each other.”

We think there is a lot of time and space in life, but it is not so. Rules of life are tough. There are little chances of changes in these rules.

Earlier, our meetings and love used to be simple and innate, but everything has changed now.

Our love is reducing for each other. We need more tenderness, nobleness and affection. We need not to save our love for any crisis, we have to live with love in continuity. The fragrance of love should be permanent and stable. We need to put little effort in filling love in our empty space. Don’t wait for anything to happen. Love unconditionally, and now.