6 Easy Home Remedies That Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Stuffy Nose

Not being able to smell or breathe properly can be extremely frustrating. A person with a stuffy nose would not only be unable to enjoy their food but would also complain of interrupted sleep. While some people take medicines to get rid of the stuffiness, others prefer trying some home remedies first. Here are a few home remedies that can help you deal with your stuffy nose and give you relief quickly:

  1. Drink lots of water

Drink plenty of fluids to break up your congestion and moisten your throat. Drinking water helps thin the mucus present in the nasal passages thus pushing the fluids out of your nose. This also decreases the pressure in your sinuses.

  1. Use humidifier

You can use a humidifier in your room at night to reduce sinus pain and relieve a stuffy nose. A humidifier converts water into moisture which slowly increases the humidity levels in the room. This moist air can calm the irritated tissues and swollen blood vessels in your nose and sinuses, thus letting the mucus of the nose to thin down and get out.

  1. Nasal sprays and decongestants

You may use over-the-counter saline nasal sprays to relieve a stuffy nose. These saline sprays contain a salt and water solution which helps in moistening and breaking the mucus. It also prevents the nose from becoming rough and crusty. You may also use over-the-counter decongestants which help in reducing the swelling, inflammation and mucus present in the nasal passages. Decongestants are not recommended for children below the age of two years, whereas anyone can use saline nasal drops without any prescription.

  1. Hot beverages for stuffy nose

It is an established fact that hot beverages such as a cup of hot tea can help in relieving cold and sore throat. Hot tea reduces the thickness of the nasal mucous, thus allowing the mucus to flow freely through a stuffy nose. Green tea contains polyphenols which are considered to be a reservoir of antioxidants that help in faster recovery. Echinacea tea also treats the congestion in the nose and chest. You can even add ginger to your tea as it contains both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help in soothing the sore throat and provides relief for a runny nose.

  1. Chillies might help in clearing up your mucus

Studies have shown that people who consume spicy foods containing chilli pepper while suffering from a cold have a better recovery. Chilli pepper contains capsaicin which is a natural decongestant and helps in thinning out the mucus, thus allowing a better flow.

  1. Have a tasty chicken soup